Tomato paste will take care of sunburn

The solar exposure causes many problems in the skin, as well as photoaging also predisposes to skin cancer and sunburns that are precursors of this disease.

While prevention is crucial to avoid complications, in case there happened an oversight and the skin was burned is possible to alleviate the discomfort of sunburn due to the beneficial contributions of tomato.

It is scientifically proven that taking a lot of tomatoes a daily basis helps to prevent skin problems caused by the sun, it is worth clarifying that alone does wonders, but there are actually given the necessary care skin with cream protection.

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Tomatoes are a food with high antioxidant, lycopene rich in substances that give color and counteract the action of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Besides that help keep skin young and fresh, preventing wrinkles and expression lines and maintaining the natural elasticity of the skin.

In addition to eating tomatoes, for preserving the health of the skin and relieve pain from sunburn before it can be applied as an ointment, lotion or sliced.

A popular home remedy and is always used tomato paste made from the ripe fruit, peeled and crushed with a fork. It should be applied to the red skin and should be allowed to act as long as possible. You can also use tomato juice or thinly sliced and applied to the affected area.


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