Toyota GT 86 CS-v3 racing version presented by Toyota Motorsport

Even before the Toyota GT 86 2012 rolls in the showrooms of the German dealers in September, Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) now introduces a racing variant: the TMG GT 86 CS-v3.

Toyota GT 86 CS-v3 racing version presented by Toyota Motorsport

The racing specialists have the Toyota GT 86 CS-v3 as a driving machine developed for the grassroots level which offers maximum driving fun with low operating costs. The test beams at the Toyota GT 86 Dynoing included vehicles which drove a class win at the 24 hours Nürburgring at the first attempt. Orders for the TMG GT 86 CS-V3 can be made already, the delivery time is dependent on the demand.

With 200 HP the Toyota GT 86 on the slopes

The GT 86 CS-v3 with 200 HP was developed for the v3 class of registered at the Nürburgring VLN Endurance Championship. The German motor homologated sport Bund (DMSB) for these and various other racing series for close-to-series vehicles. The race-ready Toyota GT 86 CS-v3 is not only one in its class of enormously competitive car, but also with a purchase price of about 38,500 euros plus VAT (about 45.815 euros including VAT) price very attractive. The exact Toyota GT not fixed yet 86 price for the racing version with closed on.

Toyota GT 86 tuning coupe improves in many areas

The Toyota GT 86 tuning measures give the racing version including a strengthened floor pan and one is still better weight distribution and as the standard sports car. You can also find an exhaust system, a suspension and brakes that have been specially adapted to racing as well as specific security components use. Currently the TMG engineers and designers deal 86 Cup variant; with a Toyota GT In addition, a brand Cup would be conceivable.


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