Transfer Music from an SD card to the iPhone: Mobile phone tips

Music is an important component of internal memory card of your smartphone. Unfortunately, the memory cards are limited, but there are ways to import music from an SD card to the iPhone.

The internal memory of the iPhone is limited, so most of the songs first be transferred to iPods or MP3 players. Most songs on an SD card can be saved. How the music can be transferred from an SD card to the iPhone, without having to connect to iTunes? To play music on an SD card to the iPhone, there are two different ways.

Transfer Music from an SD card to the iPhone Mobile phone tips

The path through the computer

Modern computers and laptops have slots recognize the SD card. To transfer the bar on the SD card music on the iPhone, the SD card into the appropriate slot on your computer or laptop is plugged. The card is recognized automatically after a few moments, and the files can be viewed and edited.

The next step will open iTunes and create a new playlist. This should be given a distinctive name, so it is again found to transfer their songs more quickly. The music pieces to be played from the SD card to the iPhone, are now marked on the SD card and copied into the newly created playlist. Is it not desirable that the remaining songs on the SD card, the songs can also be cut out and transferred.

Now if the iPhone is connected to the computer, the newly created playlist will be imported to the iPhone. For this, click on the playlist in iTunes and synced with the iPhone and so plays a musical detour from an SD card to the iPhone.

Devices for direct transfer to the iPhone

Meanwhile, readers developed for the iPhone on the market that can read SD cards. These devices, for example zoomit be connected to the iPhone and the SD card is inserted into the reader. After installing the software, you can easily transfer music from an SD card to the iPhone.

Another advantage of these readers is that the increased direct connection with the iPhone’s memory of the smartphone. Especially on excursions and trips, where little equipment can be taken, readers are recommended to increase memory. In this way, previously loaded movies or music videos are played on the iPhone, without the internal memory card is blocked. If the reader is no longer needed, simply cut off the USB connection.


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