Transferring Hosting Services: How To Do Without Risk?

You may wish to leave your current hosting services provider to problems due to poor management, or being not excellent service quality, move to cheaper offers or more evolved services. There are fear of not knowing how to deal with the transfer procedure in the correct way.

Here are some precautions that make the painless transition of transferring hosting services without the risk of data loss.

Here are some precautions that make the painless transition of transferring hosting services without the risk of data loss

Depending on the type of domain that you have, follow different procedures. If your domain is a .com .net .Org, the first thing to do is check if your domain is blocked by the service whois; if so then you have to apply to the current provider to start the unlock procedure. Remember that if your domain has been registered for less than 60 days or expired unlocking can not be made.

If it is a country level tld, if it is asynchronous, the procedure involves, send a letter by fax to the concerned authority to start the transfer process, in synchronous mode instead you will have to ask your current hosting provider in order to make the transfer. This procedure is much more streamlined, but anticipates the intervention of the old supplier could lead to delays due to the fact that the old supplier must initiate the process of transfer.

Back up

What is very important before any transferring hosting services is to make a backup of the entire contents of the website, web pages and databases from the old hosting, but without deleting the contents that will help you to make sure that the site remains online without suffering interruption.

Start the transfer

To start the process of transferring to the new hosting you will contact the new provider who will prepare everything you need to give you the ability to upload all the files that you have previously saved, then you will have to load the backup of the database and remember to change the configuration file in the case of CMS, to operate the site with the new parameters.

Final Checks

At this point you need to do a test to see if the transfer was successful. Finally, it must monitor whether the server DNS propagation is happening in the right way, that is, if you are directed to the new hosting, if all goes well then you can start the closure of the old.

Finally, if you are not a simple change of hosting, but also domain is important to do a redirect all pages from the old to the new domain, so as to avoid problems with the indexing of pages by the search engines and difficulties for those does research.

Here you are at the end of this guide, what do you suggest to make a transfer of the domain without any problems?


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