Transparent Windscreen Terraces Glass

The garden view is unobstructed and yet it is protected from pesky wind

A terrace glazing is not the cheapest form of wind protection, but a very strong and durable solution.

The garden view is unobstructed and yet it is protected from pesky wind. A terrace glazing adds value to your patio to the living room for almost any situation, while you still have an unobstructed view of nature. The additional living space is just for cozy evenings, as for the cup of coffee in the late afternoon or reading the newspaper at the weekend. A terrace glazing makes the vile terrace an extended living room.

Windshield or winter garden?

However, you should consider before construction of the desired end result. Who originally planned only a windbreak, decides if possible, even for a roof – and is seated at once in the winter garden and gets the gentle breeze out there with nothing, because he has locked the nature completely. Therefore, one should look at the different options carefully and consider what comes closest to your own needs.

Not exactly cheap, but durable

A windshield may costs 1,000 euros or more. The exact price depends largely on the size of the terrace, the glass type and desired refinements. If the windows are to be lower after lowering into the partition for example, significantly more expensive than if they leave the windows open, just normal. Complete glass solutions are even more expensive. These all-glass solutions can be sure the pieces loosely back and forth. The terrace area can then be opened exactly where it is desired, such as individually. This allows reacting quickly to good as to bad weather. For the complete glass solutions, a distinction between sliding turns systems and horizontal sliding walls. Both are the same quality and similarly straightforward to use.

How practical is a windshield made of glass?

A heated glass terraces, the terrace on heavily, as it reinforces the sunlight. That’s quite pleasant in the spring, in midsummer, however, comes so quickly on a true sauna experience. Those who want to avoid, should decide either for refined glass that can be easily opened or opt for a cheaper, once the choice a little less attractive solution. Mobile glass walls look out, not as elegant as all-glass solutions, but thanks to flexible roles, so that we can react flexibly to cover just as quickly ends weather.

In a glass, terraces can be seen as a normal window fast dirt or scum. But the cleaning is as simple as the normal window cleaning. Special cleaners are not needed. For large areas recommended for perfect results the help of a professional window cleaner.


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