Treatments and high frequency applications in Aesthetics

The high frequency is a technique widely used for various purposes in the field of aesthetics, this type of power does not generate a muscle contraction and other streams, but works at the skin.

The release of energy that is generated between the air electrode of the machine and the patient makes the oxygen becomes ozone causing lipid peroxidation of fats which ensures an excellent asepsis of the treated area making this an excellent complement system any other practice.

Treatments and high frequency applications in Aesthetics

To apply high-frequency electrodes glass are used, which have different shapes so they can be applied in different parts of the body, when the high frequency through the electrodes that produce a blue light inside. In general, the electrodes are specific to small areas and can be defined as the case of stretch marks and wrinkles, round or large venues shallots, and comb to the scalp (hair treatment).

The high frequency is often used to achieve asepsis of the area to be treated with various treatments later, it can be used on any part of the skin and is effective in killing bacteria and fungi, but in turn has vasodilatory, healing and sedative .

The technique generates a very mild term effect that results in increased peripheral circulation by increasing cellular nutrition and oxygen, also produces a vasodilator and hiperemiante. The high frequency kills bacteria commonly found in the skin and disinfectant by the formation of ozone which has germicidal and antiseptic properties.

High frequency treatments are performed with different methods of implementation and the effects obtained depend on it as the type of electrode used. The skin must always be clean and completely dry and you do not apply any cosmetic product before the session because the electrodes do not alter the permeability of the skin.

The amount of treatment sessions depends on the particular case and in general it takes about 10 sessions to achieve the expected results.

The high frequency is a complement to other treatments for:

  1. Facials
  2. Post Hair Removal
  3. Soothe and relieve irritation
  4. Hair treatments such as seborrhea , loss of hair , revitalization of the hair fiber.
  5. Acne and Rosacea
  6. Wrinkles and expression lines
  7. Stretch Marks
  8. Facials
  9. Dry skin


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