Tricks to improve memory when studying

Tricks to improve memory capacity

The intellectual capacity of a person is formed by three fundamental pillars such as intelligence, imagination and, of course, memory. From the moment we are born our intellect is developed in parallel to the ability to memorize. As happens when we go to the gym to increase muscle mass, memory will be strengthened more, in the sense that it will be more agile and useful, the more you work.

Some of the basic principles on which memory is based are, for example, the ability to divide the fragments too large in different parts to memorize them better. Another basic principle is that before studying a new topic, always review the previous one to avoid crossing ideas. The mere fact of repeating actively, either orally or in writing what we have memorized previously, will help to enhance the retention of information.

The memory can be of visual type , that is to say, the one that comes to our mind in the form of images, because in many occasions, although we do not remember a specific phrase, it is possible that we recall the page in which it was. In general, this type of memory is very developed in young people. Likewise, the auditory memory will help the students to remember the rehearsals they did out loud or recorded on a tape recorder.

Techniques to improve memorization or intellectual capacity

Some of the techniques that will help improve student memory are the following:

Understanding and repetition

The application of textual and conceptual comprehension strategies will be fundamental to improve memory. For this, it is important to analyze the meaning of difficult to understand words, use dictionaries, encyclopedias or textbooks. Understanding what a particular word means will help the student not to remain blank when reproducing the text due to the fact that he does not know how to continue from that word he does not understand.

So that the memorization of the text has consistency, it is necessary to make a script , where the key terms that are going to be exposed in the exam are collected, as well as diagrams, conceptual maps and graphics, verbalization of those same contents, either orally or written.

Through repetition we can achieve a good level of memorization in the short term, but at all times it must be accompanied by review.

The associations

One of the techniques to improve memory is to associate certain concepts with images that are characteristic for us. Thus, for example, mental associations will be useful to memorize lists of words, protocols, series and numerical formulas, relationships between objects, names of historical figures, technicalities, classifications, diagrams or diagrams.

For this we have to learn to generate mental images that are related to such concepts, to later link and memorize them. To achieve a good association, the latter must be something extravagant to attract attention, that has some emotional, detailed and dynamic content.

With associations we will avoid getting left blank in the middle of an exam, we will be able to memorize better in the long term, as well as reduce the percentage of reviews that we may need.


Another of the most used techniques when it comes to improving memory in long texts word by word. To carry it out, we only have to write the first letter of each word of the text that we want to retain in our memory, thus forming a broad sentence with meaningless letters.

Then, you have to write the original text on another sheet and keep retaining each information and letter contained in the document. Subsequently, going to the text without meaning, you have to try to remember the original information by remembering only the first letter.

With all this you can store data in the short-term memory and practice can be fixed in the long-term memory, thus achieving that you only have to take a look at the line of letters to be able to verbalize the text in your whole.

Symbolic Technique

The symbolic technique for improving memory is to replace numbers with words that represent known images of the number itself. For example, 1 is a post and 2 is a bicycle, three is a tree and four is a bird. So, if you want to remember the date 1234, just remember a phrase as in a post (1) there is a bicycle (2), near a tree (3) on which a bird is perched (4).

Cartoon Technique and Creative Words

This technique to improve memory consists in composing a story with all the elements that have to be memorized. Thus, for example, with loose terms such as “novel”, “Christopher Columbus“, “America”, “colonies” or “conquest” we have to compose a story that allows us to remember, in this case, a specific historical event.

The structuring and musicality

The fact of being structured will help the mind to retain the information better , since what is ordered will help in the memorization process. For this you can make a game with a second person. Think of a word and mess up its lyrics. The opposite should order and decipher in this way the terms you have thought. Thus, for example, pdarenre is the chaotic form of “learning”.

On the other hand, when we tend to memorize through oral repetition we usually print a certain musicality to the discourse itself. By printing greater intensity to certain words, we will be better off with such terms. This will also help activate our right cerebral hemisphere, while the left hemisphere increases its retentive capacity.


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