Tricks to increase the life of your Smartphone battery

The battery is one of the aspects of our mobiles that give us more headaches. It is something we noticed with the arrival of smartphones, which was difficult to endure a day outside of houses without going through the plug.

What many do not know is that we can do a lot to make the charging of our device last longer. And there are some tricks that make us increase the life of our Smartphone battery.

In this way, that moment in which the charge of our mobile lasts too little will take little to arrive.

Increase the life of your battery with these tricks: Calibrate the battery occasionally

Sometimes the problem is not that the load lasts little. It is simply that the percentage shown to us does not correspond to reality. This is usually because the battery is not well calibrated . And how can we calibrate the Smartphone battery correctly?

Well, with the help of some of the free applications that we can find in the Google Play Store for this purpose. AccuBattery is one of them, and is very well valued by users.

Smartphone battery
Use the original charger

Buying a charger for the Smartphone battery in the Chinese bazaar in the corner is sometimes quite a temptation. But the reality is that in the long run it can be expensive. And, although all the chargers are practically the same, in the end it is that, practically.

But only the original charger that came with our mobile is fully prepared to protect the battery. Therefore, we recommend that whenever you can choose to use the original. There are occasions, such as when the original has been broken or when we need two, which is not possible, but it is certainly the most recommended.

Keep the battery between 20 and 80% charge

Until recently, we had the wrong idea that it was best to let the phone download completely before recharging it. But the reality is that it is not exactly like that.

Experts ensure that the ideal is that the battery level never drops below 20%. And make no mistake thinking that charging it is the best. Although it is true that sometimes it is necessary, especially if you are going to be away from home all day, the ideal is that the load level does not exceed 80%. Staying between those terms is the best way to increase the life of our battery.



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