Turmeric against cancer: a new cure?

Turmeric against cancer is considered promising in many forms of cancer, also acts in support of chemotherapy.

Turmeric is used mainly in Asia, yellow spice powder from a ground, dried root. Traditionally, it is often used for symptoms in the digestive tract. One of the main active ingredient contained in turmeric is curcumin of about 3%, which is subjected for over ten years various studies, including its activity against tumor cells. Turmeric against cancer is considered to be promising.

Turmeric against cancer a new cure

The latest studies

Turmeric against cancer has now been studied from the ground up. The main active ingredient curcumin was both “in vitro”, i.e. in the test tube and tested “in vivo”, i.e. the living, here in experiments on rodents, against many cancers. These include lung cancer, colon cancer, cervical cancer, pancreatic cancer, currently incurable cancer of the bile ducts, breast cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia, skin cancer. There is no doubt as to its efficacy against the growth of cancer cells. Curcumin meets all requirements for a good anti-cancer drugs: It has no side effects and works on many different ways, for example the walls of tumor cells makes them less permeable, hinders the formation of tumor survival proteins and substances that activate the tumor promotes the death of tumor cells, makes them more sensitive to lethal substances and vulnerable to radioactive radiation. Cancer cells can not be immune or resistant to curcumin while remaining healthy cells untouched.

The long road to human use

Its effectiveness is proven in studies of the cellular level. It is not easily transferable to humans, for example, because doses were used, which the person can take in the gut hardly, partly because curcumin is a large molecule and is not soluble in water. Therefore, now carriers and microparticles are tested, bound to the curcumin is to improve the absorption in the human body. They also develop implants that are designed to uniformly deliver the body. Before turmeric can be used responsibly for cancer in humans, there still lacks many necessary clinical studies. The first account for the preventive efficacy of curcumin showed a significant effect against colon cancer precursors in smokers. Curcumin also supports some chemotherapy drugs. Eight grams of curcumin or turmeric 100 grams per day is considered safe.


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