TV now incorporated Skype: Use Skype on TV

Comcast Corporation, the largest cable operator and home Internet service provider in the United States, will launch a service that will make and receive calls while watching a television program. Customers of Comcast can use Skype on their TVs. The company will launch a service that will make and receive calls or write messages while watching a TV through the Skype service. So far, no one knows whether this will be a paid service or free will.

TV now incorporated Skype Use Skype on TV

Skype, VoIP service recently acquired by Microsoft, allows users to call via smartphones and tablets, but now going one step further and your customers can call from the living room while watching television. At the moment it is unknown whether the service is available to all users of Skype or just be able to enjoy the same pay.

On the other hand, the service could be free, but not the installation or Comcast could charge their customers monthly. In any case, according to a press release, picked up by AllThingsD, the service will import contacts from Facebook, Gmail, Outlook or smartphones.

Once done, let you talk to them through an adapter, an HD camera and a remote control with a special design with which, in addition to controlling the TV, you can write messages. The party, meanwhile, need no special equipment beyond that necessary to make a Skype call. Evidence of this service will begin “in the coming months” and throughout the year will offer more details.


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