Twitching of the eyelids-causes and remedies

A constant twitching of the eyelids feel most affected as a nuisance, but there are ways to do something about it.

If one eyelid suddenly begins to twitch violently and persistently that many patients find disturbing. Especially around the eyes of the people are often very sensitive, and such a phenomenon is also often perceived worse than it actually is. In most cases, behind the twitching of the eyelids, a more benign cause, which can be tackled even without medical attention.

Twitching of the eyelids - causes and remedies

The reasons of Twitching of the eyelids

The twitching of the eyelids is often triggered by intense or prolonged stress or strain. In this case, there is a sensory overload, a result of which the body reacts with the twitch of an eyelid.

In addition, physical tension or tightness in the shoulder and / or neck muscles that cause appearing nervous twitch. Even a cold draft or disease may account for the slight irritation of the eye nerve and contribute thereby to be one in short intervals recurring eyelid closure.

Those who sit a lot while watching television or the computer may have caused in this way the cillosis and lack of sleep or fatigue can be also a cause.

However, the reason for the occurrence of twitching may also lie in the diet of a person. Too much caffeine is one of the causes. But a general mineral deficiency can lead to the twitching of the eyelids. This may be caused in one-sided and unhealthy diet, but also in high physical activity (such as competitive sports) or diarrhea.

So soon forgot the twitch

To combat the constant twitching of the eyelids should be fundamentally a change of lifestyle. This includes, among other things, regular and adequate sleep. In addition, you should adjust your diet accordingly, to be supplied with all necessary vitamins and minerals.

Avoid too much stress! Who, for example in the job do a lot needs to be, privately treat small “quiet areas” and something off and recharge. A massage of the neck, when you relax close your eyes, can acute twitching alleviate or even contribute to the fact that it disappears completely.


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