Twitter: practical tips to improve your profile

Twitter currently has over 200 million users worldwide with an average of 1,000 million tweets sent per week. Many of the people are familiar with but do not use. In this article I will clarify the ideas on this instrument which, in my opinion, has become an essential tool for your online communication plan.

First of all, how it works? Twitter is a social network that lets you share long messages up to a maximum of 140 characters. And in fact defined as a service of micro-blogging.

Twitter is a social network that lets you share long messages up to a maximum of 140 characters

People who use it have access to a set of data immediately visible, which are the Following, the followers and tweets.

  • Following: number of people that the account follows
  • Followers: number of people which is followed by the account
  • Tweets: number of posts made

When a person is Tweets, this ends up in the home of all your followers. So having a greater number of followers guarantees you a different communicative power, much better!

Other essential elements are the @ used before the user name of a user to directly quote him and speak with him, Hashtag, keywords preceded by “#” that allow you to write tweets searchable and easier to get into that specific flow conversation (you can use existing or create new ones) and ReTweet (RT) followed by @ username and the message itself. To a tweet you can add links, photos and videos.

Ok, now that I quickly summarized the basic actions that you can perform on Twitter, here are some practical advice to improve your Profile:

1. SETUP well your account

Choose a username, it’s your name or the name of your company, and try to keep that in order not to confuse users. Write your biography also using hashtags and @ mentions, in order to increase the visibility of your account. Do not forget to include the link to your website, which is crucial for vehicular traffic from Twitter.

Create a background original and personalized to reflect the image of your business. To create it, unless you are a designer, I suggest this service FreeTwitterdesigner, that allows you to create one yourself with a simple click and among other things you can change from time to time to enter data regarding special offers. This step is not to be underestimated. It important for your brand to have a coherent picture of all the different social networks used for your communication plan, so if you have not already done so, take a little time to align your image.

2. Visibility

As I always say when it comes to increasing the visibility of a search engine you should pay close attention to the keywords used. On Twitter the speech is very similar, especially with regard to the biography. Write what you do (so the things you do, such as: blogger, manager, student) and who are in a few words, otherwise your account will be invisible. Another aspect not to be underestimated is profile image. This also will be indexed so do not call it a “photo”, rather call it with your name or that of your business.

3. Say hello to your new follower

It is called Twelcome and a personalized welcome message for your new users. Many thanks for the follow publicly, I prefer to do it through a private DM (Direct Message). Do not use pre-set messages to welcome my new followers, because I’d rather take two minutes to thank you personally. But I do not exclude the case where there are too many followers and becomes difficult to write a private message to everyone, so I suggest this service that allows you to create an automated message, Socialoomph.

3. When to tweet

Of course, when your followers are online! To find out, I suggest this service, Tweriod, create a report on the activity of your followers (and you send it via email) so you know if they are online in the morning, afternoon or evening, in which days and at what time! Knowing the activity of your followers is very important, it allows you to maximize the return of every single tweet.

5. How to tweet

When you write do not use all the space available (so as not to create problems in ReTweet) but describe very briefly the contents of the link. About link, if you prefer to shorten it I suggest an url shorten er service like Bitly. Remember that Twitter is not a chat, but it must be considered an “open system”: interact with others, ask questions, participate in discussions and works especially well on the content.

6. The content

Those who have chosen to follow you probably feels that your person or your content is interesting, then offer really special things, things that are (really) add value to your followers (coupons, ebook, etc..) To raise awareness and the reasons for the choice that you made in the follow.


Professional writer with more than 7 years of experience. Joseph has worked as a content creator and editor on different web pages. He has been coordinator and content manager in various editorial teams. He also has extensive experience in SEO and digital marketing.