Types and colors of markers for each type of imperfection

The spell is an invaluable tool in the art of makeup, in its correct use can hide many imperfections and get a skin of uniform appearance, practically flawless.

But it is important to know that the spell comes in different colors and are used according to the type of imperfection that we wish to hide. In this note we find a simple and useful guide to the use of different color correction.

Types and colors of markers for each type of imperfection

Skin color corrector: This comes in different shades as the foundation and serves to hide imperfections left after making up the skin.

Green color corrector: ideal for hiding grain and mild irritation pink or red.

Orange color correction: it is to cover dark circles and also bluish gray areas in the skin of the man because of his beard.

Yellow color corrector, is to camouflage dark circles of purple or violet hue, as well as bruises cover very well.

Blue Corrector: This spell hides stains the skin orange.

Lilac color correction: this type of corrector conceals imperfections very well, yellow, brown and orange on the skin.

White correction: This correction usually uses it to “hide” expression lines marked, as the white color gives the illusion of volume in depression.

One thing to note is that depending on the area correction is applied it has to be more fluid or cream, for example for the area of the bags under the eyes or eyelids must have a light texture to prevent further marked frown lines or crow’s feet.


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