Types and kinds of false lashes for every occasion and need

The tabs tips are a great resource to look stunning and feminine look, especially when you have short lashes or depopulated, and also to make the makeup and highlight more visually enlarge the eyes.

As different types of false eyelashes the choice of these will depend on the effect you want to achieve, the time that they are going to use and how the eye. In general, women with small eyes are better and they are easier to apply individual eyelashes or extensions, and those big eyes can use any of them.

Types and kinds of false lashes for every occasion and need

The makeup at night , festival or artistic supports eyelashes strip, while for the makeup of day or which takes place in formal and elegant extensions better or tufts of artificial lashes.

Types of false eyelashes:

Tabs on strips: they are the easiest to implement, but which give a less natural but more noticeable. Artificial hairs are all stuck in a strip which must be cut depending on the length of the eye, are recommended for women with large eyes.

Eyelash extensions: they can be natural or synthetic hair, it sticks to each of the natural lashes to extend its outreach with a surgical glue. They last about 1 to 3 months, and for being a complicated process, it is necessary for applying a specialist.

Lashes in clumps: are small clumps of false eyelashes natural or artificial hair sticking in the gaps between the tabs are for volume and length. In general they are applied on the outside of the eyes with a special glue, which can be long lasting or not.


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