Types of acid for chemical peels

In the treatment of chemical peels or creams for the specific skin, various acids are used to the skin to renew, to minimize the imperfections, the skin look radiant, firm and smooth.

Each of these acids has certain effects that match their molecular composition, for example some are ideal for improving skin with acne, others to reduce or red spots, some are suitable for treating scars, etc.

Types of acid for chemical peels

The acids commonly used in cosmetic peels are:

Salicylic acid: it is used for oily skin to improve acne, remove blackheads and comedones. Commonly it is found in creams, lotions and acne medication.

Lactic acid: comes from milk as well as fruits like blueberries, used to rejuvenate skin, remove blemishes and control acne.

Trichloroacetic acid, is used to rejuvenate skin and remove red spots, it is generally known as TCA peels, and its use takes a little longer than the other acids.

Glycolic acid: comes from and produces a very gentle exfoliating action is or used to rejuvenate skin, improve scars and remove blemishes, also stimulates collagen production.

Other acids used in beauty treatments

  • Carbolic acid
  • Malic acid
  • Tartaric acid

The action of these acids in addition to depending on its composition, is also subject to having concentration, while higher more intense the peel.

Otherwise, when these acids are contained in creams, scrubs, cleansing gels or solutions the percentage of them is very low so that the results take longer to be noticed and only do it when their use is constant.

Finally, when the skin problem is very important and requires a quick solution is needed much more intense peels in the acid concentration used is important. In these cases only a physician is allowed to do so since the process requires great care and expertise to not damage the skin.


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