UMTS – faster technology that allows more

Many people do not know what UMTS actually means. UMTS is the fifth mobile phone network and thus the third generation. Among other things, makes the UMTS video telephony possible.

It was billed as a revolution-the UMTS technology. But the enthusiasms have been down since the auction of licenses in 2000. One of the former buyers has even returned its license. The users have not adopted the new technology. But why is it the mere mention of the name only causes more discomfort to the mobile operators.

UMTS - faster technology that allows more

What is UMTS?

Maybe the customer did not understand what UMTS is and what it can do. Universal Mobile Telecommunications System or UMTS in short, is a wireless network. UMTS is now the so-called third generation. The new technology introduced a new international standard that has driven the transmission rates of voice, video and text in the air. The development consists mainly in a bottom line. The new standard makes everything faster also simple. With faster processing of data, many opportunities have been opened, which were not previously possible. The mobile phone is now becoming a media all-rounder. People can talk to each other as they could also look into the eyes there. But video calling is just one of the new applications, the UMTS makes it possible.


In the global network to get information of all kinds, has been realized through the Internet already. Many cell phone customers have the opportunity. These so-called WAP technology is also used due to complicated application and slow page generated very little. UMTS allows mobile phone users every now fast surfing and downloading of data. The final merger of Internet and mobile communications has been paved with the UMTS technology path.

UMTS mobile phone as a PC replacement

Now it will have two entirely new features. It is similar to the navigation system in the car, who do not know the way. In addition, it replaced a few years, perhaps even the credit card. E-commerce, the Internet has long been an enormous economic factor, will now be extended to the mobile phone. The mobile phone will, according to many mobile professionals, to develop long-term payment medium. A standard that other countries have long since ceased to be innovative.

The future will show which of the many opportunities that UMTS has opened hold actually moving into the everyday life.


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