Underarm Skin lightening mask

Perhaps it is because the natural color of the skin, melanin is concentrated in areas like the armpits, it tends to darken, making you to feel uncomfortable with that color outside the natural skin tone.

Underarm Skin lightening mask

Don’t despair! There are some products such as perfumes and deodorants that contribute to the problem. A natural mask also works well to lighten the skin of this area. If you add to your normal routine of beauty, you can forget the problem.

The first thing to help the area is the deep exfoliation, once a week is enough, with the application of a little sugar and olive oil before the end of the shower, gently rubbing the area and serves to remove dead cells that cases more blemishes, blackheads. You can also apply this in other areas of the skin. After rubbing, gently rinse with warm water and dry. It is important to do it gently because the skin can become irritated, and it should be done at night so it is easy and thoroughly.

When skin is dry it is time to apply some cream, from which is often used to prevent chafing of the diaper, and let stand without removing the skin. Regular using of it for about 3 to 4 weeks will recover the lost natural skin tone.


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