Understand what your cats tells you

The onomatopoeia “meow” is the sound characteristic of cats that contains many meanings in itself: The sound may connote moods, emotions, called for mating or fighting and even resources to differentiate themselves from others.

Understand what your cats tells you

Furthermore, the meow also works as a means of communication between cats and humans when they order food, love or just a taste of attention. For some scientists, this sound would be a form of manipulation and for others, a language developed for living with their owners.

Another typical gesture of cat is the purr , which scientists can be up to 16 different sounds to express different ideas as affection or order something, just in a more subtle form.

On the other hand, as a defense system they use growls and to avoid a fight. This sound usually accompanied with the bristling of the hair in order to be more bulky and intimidating to the opponent. This action can be hard from several minutes to several hours.


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