Upcoming May changes at Hearthstone

Witch of naga sea : said letter goes from cost 5 mana to 8, a quite remarkable change

We’ve been with Hearthstone’s new year and its first pack of cards. The Hearthstone, is a free-to-play, online card game has changed a lot, many previous letters that were not used have been recycled. Some sets are widely used in the high legend and ranked positions . Now touch a patch to balance the entire digital collectible card game.

Letters that will change

With the new expansion, a lot of new mechanics and some special rules were added, many of the new cards ask for an important requirement, your deck must contain only odd or even cards. This has to be the case if you want that special letter to fulfill its function. As a result of this have emerged decks that have been positioned among the most used , paladin is one of the most played classes currently.

Witch of naga sea : said letter goes from cost 5 to 8, a quite remarkable change. This letter has a very powerful combo with the giants, but we see it very little. Even so the developers have decided to increase their cost by 3.

Malicious Summoner : this letter will go from cost 6 to 7. The developers have seen it convenient to increase in one the turn to use it to delay the effects that can have such powerful cards as definitive infestation.

Dark Pact : will restore 4 health points instead of 8. The demon witch set is quite powerful, has a lot of life tools and minions to provoke. That is why they have reduced by 4 the health that restores said letter to avoid an “abuse” in the long games.

Possessed footman : will cost from 5 to 6. This change will delay the use of combos with the sorcerer’s set of demons.

Call to arms : it will go from cost 4 to 5. This change will not make it possible to use the card in sets that only have even cards such as in the case of the Even decks.

The caverns : the reward of the rogue mission will have a modification, the minions will become 4/4 instead of 5/5. It will have less presence at the table, but against mallets as a priest these numbers will be very useful.

These are all the changes of the next patch of this month of May, we still do not know if they will give us the arcane dust of the letters that we have in our collection. In this week we will be able to know it.


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