Updating Windows 10 restores privacy settings

The privacy of Windows 10 has always been one of the arguments of those who criticize the latest operating system from Microsoft. Well, rather, the lack of privacy. In fact, many users spent time configuring privacy options to leave them to your liking . Well, many users have reported that the Windows 10 update, the Threshold 2 version have become to restore the privacy settings to default as they were.

Windows 10 Threshold 2 does not allow return to Windows 7 in some cases

Updating Windows 10 Threshold 2 issues are going too far. Today we reported that many users have had enough problems when installing the update and above, this eliminates the possibility of downgrade and return to Windows 7. Well, we just found out that not only have problems with installation and operation, also come with some major problems, but above reset privacy settings that users had already customized to your liking.

This is what many users have complained and something important enough for Microsoft to give a reply. Privacy is something many take it seriously and Updating Windows 10 Threshold 2 ha finish one stroke with the user customization.

Waste of time

What more can annoy users it is that if already the Privacy Policy of Windows 10 did not please the majority, Microsoft restored the original values ??at a stroke really pissed anyone who has bothered to change as you like It. In fact, Microsoft itself justified the new privacy rules stating that anyone who wanted to could alter the taste . Well, now you have to do it again.

If you want to know if you have changed the privacy settings only have to go to Settings and then click on Privacy. There you have all the features that Windows 10 Threshold 2 adjusted to as coming at first. It seems an imposition of Microsoft, which is hiding behind the ability to customize all but rid the work done in the first major update of its new operating system.

We expect at least give an answer and explain why, curiously, privacy has just returned to the position she likes to Microsoft.


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