USB flash drives with password protection – is this possible?

It is possible to protect a USB stick with a password, this is needed and not much anyone can do this yourself.

Many consider whether USB sticks with password protection can, because some data in the wrong hands can have unpleasant consequences. It is very convenient and useful to assume all the data on the USB stick, friends and acquaintances, the data can be presented easily.

USB flash drives with password protection is this possible

Of course a USB stick is easy to transport, small and good, but there is always the danger that this will be lost or stolen. The one who holds the stick then in the fingers, can retrieve all personal data.

For example, private photos, emails and passwords to be stored on the stick, so a stranger can hurt a lot. Some of the sticks are offered directly by the manufacturer with a protective software or a password protection, but these are very expensive.

One stick is secured only by a password, but offers some protection, but the password can be cracked. It should not only be assured of the stick, but also the data. The encrypted data can be stored on the memory stick, then a thief, or someone finds the stick, something to do with the data.

The data is protected with a password

It may not be enough to want to password protect USB stick, and the data should be protected. The program SafeGuard Private Crypto is a very good program, this can be downloaded from the Internet and installed on the stick.

The program is very small and therefore very well suited. Since the program uses almost seven megabytes, not an important space is blocked. In addition, it is intuitive and quick to install.

As a self-extracting file, this file with the name of choice will be stored on the USB stick. The program can also delete the original data or a data shredder can be used. Without the password, a foreign user can not view the stored files, he finds only a useless file.


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