Useful Tips For mascara

Getting perfect lashes with only the aid of the mascara is possible, for that you just have to implement some simple tricks. In this post I’ll show some of the best tricks for mascara, so you can achieve the perfect look with less effort. Pay close attention and put to work:

Improve mascara

The old mascara can be a little lumpy, but this is no reason to throw in the trash.
To be able to use it normally just have to add a few drops of saline or eye drops. Then you have to shake the bottle to mix the components, but never pump the brush because that air enters and the product dries faster.
 Makeup secret Useful Tips For mascara

Fold the mascara brush

While most mascara brushes are right, they can be bent, and doing so at an angle of 45 degrees can help achieve a more precise application.
This trick is particularly useful because it helps to reach the corner tabs inner eye.


If the mascara is clumpy, put the tube mask in a glass filled with hot water. Heat it does is dilute the consistency of mascara, making it more fluid.
If the brush still lumps, simply clean it in a tissue before applying the tabs.

Use two types of mask

The mask is waterproof tends to dry long eyelashes, and also some are extremely difficult to remove. But this does not mean we can not use a simple Turkish giving the benefit of the mask waterproof, without having to suffer the consequences.

You simply have to first apply a common mask followed by a layer of waterproof mascara. Long-term effect will be obtained, with a little extra curly, but mascara still be easy to remove.

You can also use the mask to test only water in the lower lashes, thus the product will prevent smudging and mark circles.

Add volume with baby powder

The baby powder is very effective to add volume to the lashes when it has a conventional mascara. You have to apply a coat of mascara and then some talc using a swab, then add a second layer mask for a more voluminous effect. Apply mascara without smudging the eyelids

Apply mascara on all lashes extension without staining the eyelids can be tricky, but not impossible.
Take a card like presentation or spoon and keep under tabs while maquillas, this will avoid that the product gets into contact with your skin .

Lip brush for lower lashes

If you have very cortitas lower lashes, you can serve this trick. Simply spread a lip brush with mascara, so you can make an accurate lower lash application.

Mascara and eyeliner

If you run out of gel eyeliner, mascara can do double duty. You just need to use your eyeliner brush, take a little product and pass it the same way as eyeliner.

Vertical Application

Applying mascara vertically helps achieve a more natural and less loaded than in conventional fashion look.


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