Vaccine for acne, keep your skin smooth

Woman squeezing spot-Vaccine for acne, keep your skin smooth

This is a new treatment of severe acne cases for men and women of all ages, which contains ribosomes and cellular compounds that help the body to easily eliminate germs that are deposited in the skin and rise acne.

Unlike conventional treatments, this vaccine has a local action as only it should be applied to the affected area. No contraindications, is effective for different forms of acne and can be used on all skin types.

The vaccine is given as acne microinjections in areas where there is the acne outbreak, giving results in just a few sessions. The benefits of this vaccine are extremely large, namely:

  • Stops acne process, while it avoids the marks and scars that occur with severe acne.
  • Does not present contraindications, and is applicable for both men and women of all ages.
  • Application is simple, painless and leaves no visible marks.
  • In just 3 to 4 sessions applied monthly results in a total control on acne and restoration of damaged skin.

Moreover, for the best and quick results, especially in cases of great severity, along with the application of the vaccine is needed acne laser treatment to remove the inflammation of the recent kernels, adjust the pH of the dermis, limit excess fat, reduce pores, clear blemishes and smooth the skin.

Another effective treatment and vaccine combined with the diamond tip dermabrasion, which removes dead cells and renew the dermis without damaging it, as well as traditional masks and peels.


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