Vaccine for smoking cessation discovered in US

Nicotine consumers will have a new hope at the end of the 2012 to definitively leave the addiction. The vaccine developed in United States activates a process whereby this toxic cannot reach the brain, so that the smoker will lose that pleasant feeling that accompanies each puff of poison. Certainly, the hopes and the dreams are not waiting in every corner of the world where a body cries out for health and oxygen.

Nicotine consumers will have a new hope at the end of the 2012 to definitively leave the addiction

How many people get sick by day due to snuff or tobacco? The figures are staggering, however, tobacco remains a legal business as a millionaire. The vaccine to quit cigarette addiction was announced by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) in the USA, more precisely by Ivan Montoya, director of Pharmacotherapy section. He himself said that the vaccine will be ready after the presentation of the results of a series of studies and tests conducted on nearly 2000 people.

Smoking cessation vaccine consist of incorporation to the body of a bacterium or a virus so you can join the addictive and toxic molecules that circulate in the body with each cigarette. From that union, anti-smoking antibodies are generated that intercept the drug in the blood, until it reaches to cross the cerebrospinal barrier that ultimately leads to stop smoking. So far, the toxins from tobacco were too small to act against them; Thanks to the creation of these antibodies, the size increases and thereby the impediment of the passage of the toxic to the brain.

This does not mean that the snuff stop producing negative effects after vaccination rather it will cut stimulant action of nicotine in the brain, inhibiting the passage of addictive molecules. So despite not continue feeling smoking pleasure, it is still at risk for every disease that causes the body addiction.

Management mode for anti-smoking Vaccine

The vaccine is placed in five injections over a period of six months. Treatment also includes psychological support and supervision, while taking up cigarette smoking a drug, an addiction, and as such, possesses a strong emotional charge that must be overcome with therapeutic help. According to NIDA, in the first month after applying the vaccine when the body responds better to create antibodies, which means that the smoker must become aware to take full advantage of that first month and free themselves from tobacco smoking forever.


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