Vegetable garden to be self-sufficient

In a vegetable garden, many fruits, herbs and vegetables are harvested. Raised beds are ideal to achieve a better yield.

In an era where everything is more expensive and is contaminated with pesticides, the idea of a vegetable garden is always delightful. However, one should be plenty to worry about it beforehand.

Vegetable garden - to be self-sufficient

Enough sun?

Each individually created kitchen garden should be based on the available space and the taste of the gardener. Even on balconies or on the terrace might offer themselves enough room to plant lettuce, tomatoes or herbs. However, one should note that there is enough sunlight falls on the home vegetable garden, not to reduce the yield and growth.

Larger kitchen gardens

Raised beds are perfect for growing vegetables in mixed culture. They do have an increased workload, but keep for about six years. Vegetable gardens, raised beds come in the form of a counter just those who can not or will not stoop. These have, however, because of the border less space available. Even if it takes a lot of space for cold frames, the garden’s worth by its numerous uses in any case, even in the cultivation of sensitive plants or growing plants. A compost pile is of imperative necessity for every garden, as well as a small corner of the herbs. Each fruit and vegetable garden can be spiced up by occasional planted herbs also really, because some of them bloom beautifully.

Separate kitchen garden

Kitchen garden can be a separate area from the flower garden by several ways. For example, fruit bushes, ornamental trees or commercially available prefabricated elements. Different periods of growth and nutritional needs of the individual vegetables should be considered as well as the location and needs of the time of sowing. Through skillful plant colonization, cultivation in a mixed culture, and consideration of the nutrient requirements can therefore be achieved in the smallest space in any kitchen garden rich harvests. One should also note that promote each other in a kitchen garden with various plants and mixed culture of the land is protected. With a kitchen garden with monoculture would be recommended to consider the three-year crop rotation.


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