Very useful tips for decorating the bathroom

There are many options to renovate the bathroom. Ideas to begin now to implement have a large or small bathroom, the decoration of it can be easy and fun. First, make sure your bathroom is clean. Then decide if you want to paint the walls, wallpapering, or combine both types of decoration.

Tips for decorating the bathroom

Anyway, you should first deal with the walls. Then, decide if you want the highest part of the same, i.e. they are against the ceiling, with a border of another color-tiled, painted or wallpaper, or if you prefer to paint a wall in one color and the other paper or tiled walls with different motives.

Instead of putting curtains on the bathroom window, buy one of the beautiful landscapes that are printed on plastic sticker. There are many very nice scenes. Nobody can see through the plastic from the outside, but allows plenty of light into the bathroom.

To add color to your bathroom, remove the wall accessories such as towel holders, soap holders, and toilet paper holder and spray paint them. Select a color original that does not exist in your bathroom, but that it combines with other elements found therein. Remember to add a layer of varnish or glaze over each piece, so avoid that with time and humidity, the paint may get skipped. Once the varnish is dry, put them back in place: see how changed is the look of the bathroom.

Put the towels, clean and curled in a beautiful basket, which must be on the floor in a corner. If possible also bring a bath mat with a rubber support. It is very important to have one of these rugs, not to skate in the bathroom and thus prevent falls.

So never put carpet fabric in a bathroom, beyond that they come in many colors and are sold in most stores. Instead, while you are there, buy a shower curtain, a basket for the laundry, and garbage.

Regarding the shower curtain, you should know it’s really easy to make with your own hands. Simply, measure the height of the shower, and the perimeter of the tub. Then, you choose what material would be used, without forgetting to wash it prior to making. That if, when you go to the store to buy this material, remember to buy two of these fabrics, plastics, and add about 60 cm. measures taken. For hanger holes, use plastic eyelets, which can be found in drugstores and hardware stores.

The plastic sheeting should be well washed and dried. When you have echo, fold in half and cut it so that you stay two panels of equal size. Next, fold the tops together, forming small rectangles, then make holes where you can insert the curtain rod. Finally, you must decide which side would fix it, to sew the last hole on that side, and it is getting tighter.

Covers – shelves, delicacy more protection

If you have a shelf in the back of the toilet, can do very easily again, put curtain to cover each shelf, and thereby hide their personal hygiene products.

Measure the length between each shelf, from the top to the end, as well as its width. Ideally, separate each lengthwise into three equal parts and make three panels for each shelf, one for each side and one for the front.

Select a durable material, for example, a mixture of cotton and polyester, which can provide protection, and at the same time, enable excellent decoration. Velcro also buy to cover the entire length of each shelf. For reference, need 2 cm. Velcro for every cm shelf. Make sure the Velcro has a good bonding surface.

Cut each of the panels and fold about 3 cm. on all four sides. Set along the top edge of the shelf, the Velcro used to attach the fabric to the shelf. The other side of velcro, to be used for the top of each panel of fabric, where you should sew the cloth, to strengthen it. To use objects from their shelves, simply remove the panels attached with Velcro, and then fly on to them.

Plants and bowls, original and enjoyable

Green plants are always nice in a bathroom. Place one of these plants in the upper basin mirror. Go to a used goods store and look for old bottles but attractive. Sometimes, you can find bottles of colors that will accent an extra special touch to any bathroom.

While in this shop selling second-hand, find some small delicate bowls, preferably glass and tapas. These bowls can be used to store hair clips, cotton, manicure instruments and many other items commonly used in a bathroom. Try to find antique glass bowls, such as the famous candymaker, which are most pleasing to the eye and use. Try placing an ornament on these bowls, which will give more beauty to the decor.

To find in your bathroom a pleasant scent, you could put incense or scented candles, they also add an aesthetic touch. Use different colored candles to place in every corner of your bathroom. Some may go to the side of the tub, and others, on mirrors or shelves that are above the sink.

Sometimes you can find an open space between the ceiling and bathroom cabinets. This is an ideal place to make floral arrangements, baskets and other items you think will make your bathroom becomes more attractive.


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