Interior decorating vintage style

The term vintage style decorations is fashionable in many aspects of everyday life: clothing, sunglasses, music, cooking, cars. And we appeal to vintage, not so old, but as a way to appeal to the glamour of the past. After the furor in clothing and accessories, the retro style, also reached the interior.

Bring home a recycled furniture is a way to appreciate the nobility

The vintage style decoration is to use objects that are considered antiques to decorate modern environments. This decorating style combines ancient looms, collectibles and other treasures that are usually found in flea markets or buying and selling houses. What was popular in decades past returns recycled or recovered, as is, for any trunk, attic or antique.

Bring home a recycled furniture is a way to appreciate the nobility of some materials that are no longer available to respect yester year. It is a way to implement some ecological awareness, and we give a new opportunity to furniture and have their story. But beyond the boom of the vintage decor, there are two key reasons why a person prefer to buy a piece of antique furniture: price and quality. You can get solid wood furniture at better prices than those made of wood veneer.

However, the old pieces have their limitations: fill the house with antique furniture can create an environment or be a bit old “heavy” as the size of the space. “So we usually combine a French dining set with a coffee table rather simple and pure lines. Other options could be metal tables or completely made with solid glass. A backrest upholstered bed with a set of bedside tables and antique dresser is also a good option for the fourth.

It must be remembered that in the vintage style is the contrast of new and old designs the real plus of this decorative style. You can also add some details into vintage atmosphere. In that case you can buy mirrors and framed paintings and old photographs to use them, or paint them with bright colors. Another option is to purchase and incorporate style chandeliers to furniture edge environments.

Would not you love to use the classic bathtubs fours despite the sophisticated to choose shower cubicles today?

Before buying furniture from several decades ago it should take into account certain details, such as the piece is not moth-eaten. So check that the timber should not have the traditional holes that leave the plague etc.


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