How to Protect and Recover your Computer with Free Antivirus

The Internet has become a virtually irreplaceable tool. Similarly, Antivirus is also a permanent tool for your device whether it is computer or mobile. Some users believe that their social life would collapse if they could not connect with Internet at least one hour per day. But it is also, unfortunately, an inexhaustible source of problems. This article looks at the guidelines to be followed in the case of an infection by some kind of malware.

Virus and free antivirus

While there are plenty of tools that allow you to surf the Internet in a safe manner, the truth is that many users do not take any precautions in this regard, opening the door of your computer to hundreds of threats of all kinds.

Unfortunately, inexperienced users tend to make the mistake of browse or use the PC without anti-virus or other security systems that protect them. They are the same users that when found with any signs of infection, such as unusual behavior, are paralyzed and do not know what to do. In the links below, you will know if your computer is infected by virus, a spyware or is part of a network of bots.

In this article you will find the guidelines that you follow at the first sign of infection.

1) Make a backup copy of all data
One of the best ideas you have before taking any action to eradicate our problem, is backing up all your data in a secure location, which will ensure you that in any event, they are always available and secure. Here you can find a list of tools and tips for this task.

In the market there are many utilities to perform this task, but we recommend the use of the tools included with Windows, although if you are also familiar with other programs will serve you.

2) Use of an antivirus
After the backup, is necessary the downloading and installing a good antivirus, of which there are many and very good. At this point, one of the most chosen by the users is Avast!, which is a free antivirus.

Another option that we also have available is a free tool called Spybot Search & Destroy, which will give you a very good hand to discover threats.

Once executed the tools mentioned in the previous paragraph, also is an excellent alternative to some virus cloud service access. One of the highlights for this task is Panda Cloud.

With luck, perhaps yet you are not in danger. If the scans showed positive, you should not worry, since applications used probably have repaired the mistake and returned everything to normal.

Considerations to take into account after the danger

Once you have eradicated the danger, it is not necessary to go through this, and that’s why you must take into account a series of premises to prevent this you again happen.

The policies that you must always remember are as follows:

1) Regularly make a backup of your data, since this will allow you to move with greater ease in case of problems.

2) The permanent installation of a good antivirus will allow you a better use of your PC experience.

3) Learn to use your firewall. This tool is not fully automatic, and for its optimal functioning requires your participation. The best is obviously always have it power, and read very carefully the notifications that shows the application will save us subsequent headaches.

4) Update your Windows every time that the system requires it. This is a healthy practice, since these updates offered by Microsoft contain the past made arrangements to avoid security holes. Essential to avoid problems.

5) But above all, see where you’re getting the head, since many times it happens that you enter websites that long ago that you visited, but we do not stopped once to ascertain that they are trusted sites. The same applies to disks or USB flash drives for known or family.


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