VirusBarrier for iOS, the first anti-virus for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch

The French security company Intego, well known for its antivirus on Mac OS X, just launched the first anti-virus for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. VirusBarrier for iOS has indeed appeared on the Apple App Store for $ 2.99 on Tuesday.

VirusBarrier for iOS, first anti-virus for iPhone

Smart phones are a brand new vehicle contaminant, because they go online and connect to computers in the house. Remember, there are few, a flaw in the. Pdf will be allowed to unleash all the power on iOS 4.3.3, but could also be used for much more dangerous intentions.

Due to the design of iOS, VirusBarrier can not perform a background monitoring and analyzing files automatically. Everything is done manually, “is a detection system to the application that allows you to scan files when you want,” said Intego.

VirusBarrier for iOS is used to analyze e-mail attachments and any other file on the device. In addition to analyzing the files, it can repair those infected and also analyzes the remote locations, such as DropBox, iDisk or WebDAV shares.

This small software can scan files .Doc, .Docx, .Xls, .Xlsx, .Ppt, .Htm, .Html, .Js, .Exe, .Dll, .Zip, and some more.

VirusBarrier for iOS can be downloaded from the following link for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


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