Vitamin C against wrinkles and photoaging

Vitamin C is extremely beneficial to prevent wrinkles and photoaging of the skin . Whether ingested through food, and applied topically, vitamin E is essential for skin care.

Vitamin C is a very effective supplement in routine skin care, for their high antioxidant, helps the dermis release of free radio and promotes collagen production.

Besides a diet rich in vitamin C, you should take care of your skin topically with products containing this substance, so you can revitalize your dermis to improve the texture and tone of it.

Thanks to the Vitamin C skin becomes smooth and silky, while being protected against UVB rays, resists much the effects of sun preventing the appearance of wrinkles and photoaging.

For these reasons, more and more cosmetic companies add vitamin C to their products. It is common to find cosmetics with ascorbic palmitate, ascorbic acid, since they are less irritating than vitamin C and even people with sensitive skin can use them.

When buying a cosmetic vitamin C have to avoid presenting a yellowish or brownish hue, because vitamin C takes those colors when exposed to air and then it is no longer effective for the creation of collagen and elastic.

If you care your skin record it frequently, vitamin C contained cosmetics can make sure the repair and preparation of the skin. This vitamin used daily offers the same benefits of beauty that you get with chemical peel or a microdermabrasion session, but at a lower treatments cost.


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