Vitamins that may be consumed in natural juices

Sometimes we wonder what is the best way to consume a greater amount of vitamins and nutrients. Sometimes we think it best to take a vitamin supplement such as those that come in pills or powders for making drinks, but the more natural much better and an excellent choice to consume what we need are fruit juices.

Vitamins that may be consumed in natural juices

One of these juices is the cranberry, which is also one of those that have fewer calories, which only has 116 calories per cup and that gives you a good amount of antioxidants, has antibacterial properties, provides us with vitamin C and flavonoids that are healthy for the heart. This juice usually has sugar added, which can add calories.

Another very healthy and delicious juice is that of grapefruit or grapefruit juice provides only 96 calories per cup and which can obtain nutrients and vitamins are important as potassium, beta carotene that protect our skin and our hair, vitamin C and lycopene which are antioxidants. This fruit can interact with certain medications, making them stay longer in the bloodstream, so it is good to consult with your doctor if in doubt.

A good choice is the pineapple juice has 133 calories per glass and has nutrients like potassium and vitamins B6 and C. Another advantage of this fruit juice fresh is that it contains bromelain, an enzyme found in the fried whole and that can help you if you have digestion problems, even helping to reduce inflammation.


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