Voice Search for Google Desktop (Google Voice Search)

Now Google has made available to the desktop its Voice Search, which can be used simply by clicking the microphone icon next to the search bar on google.com.

We can talk instead of type in the Google search engine. You just need a Chrome version 11 or higher and the availability of a microphone on your computer.

If when you enter google.com still can not see the microphone icon anywhere, can enter google.com/experimental/ and join the Voice Search experiment so you can try while enabling the functionality in your area. Remember Voice Search is available only in English by now.

Voice Search for Google Desktop (Voice Search)

How Google Voice Search work

Google integrates voice functionality in the Chrome browser. By clicking on the microphone icon (located in the Google search box) to activate it. A voice-recognition software translates your input sound in Scripture – and Google will begin the search. Google “understands” but currently only English.

Download: Download Google Chrome free http://www.google.com/chrome?hl=en-GB

Instant Pages

With instant Pages Google makes the search a tad faster. Google speaks of a time savings of two to five seconds. Once Google shows you the results of your search term and study them, the search engine is already charging the contents of selected pages in the background. Now click on a link, the content is right there.

Search by Image

On a city tour, you have shot hundreds of photos. Now you can not assign the sights the recordings? Google helps. The new image search allows for example to insert a photo using drag-and-drop method in the search line – then Google scours the Internet for similar results. Alternatively, upload a picture on the camera icon, or paste the image URL into the search line. Click and test http://www.google.com/imghp


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