Is there a way to recover deleted files from hard disk

The data loss cases are common these days. Most of the people suffer from the issue because they lost the memory care or there is a virus on the computer. Recently it has been noticed that some individuals are dealing with hard disk failure.

It is a rare case but when it occurs things can get serious. The reason is that all the data is stored on your hard disk and hard disk failure means that you have lost everything. However, it is the age of technology and data recovery is possible. Here are some of the ways you can use to recover deleted files.

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Causes of hard disk failure

It is important that you know about the causes of hard disk failure so that you can avoid the issues in future.

• We all know that virus is the most common cause of hard disk failure. You should beware of different types of viral attacks. Do not click on the link that seems suspicious or the software that you are not sure about

• Avoid having your lunch or drinks near your laptop. A common mistake most of the individuals make is they like to drink coffee while working. When the hot coffee spills on the laptop, the hard disk is the first thing that will be affected.

• It is important that you carry your laptop with care. If it falls to the ground there are chances that the connection of hard disk with a laptop will be broken that will cause other issues.

Methods of recovery for Windows

If you are using a laptop with the Windows operating system there are three ways you can use to recover deleted files.

1-Bootable disc

Take a bootable disc and install the operating system that you are using. Boot your system to recover deleted files.

2- Free data recovery software

There are free data recovery software that you can use to recover all the deleted files. It will work if your system is intact.

3-Use external device

A common way of recovering deleted files is by using an external device if your laptop has been completely damaged. You have to take a compatible cable and connect it to the hard disk. Connect this cable to an external device. Open my computer and select your hard disk. Select the files that you want, copy and paste them into the external device and your files will be recovered.

Methods of recovery for Mac

In order to recover deleted files from the hard disk of Mac, you can only use another Mac computer that might be hard for you to find. A better solution would be using free data recovery software. You have to install the software on your Mac. Scan the hard disk and select the files that you want. Select the option to recover and all your files will be recovered. Assure that you select the way you are most comfortable with.


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