What are the ways to reduce stress for healthy living

With the interesting topic of relaxation connects every person have different ideas such as a warm bath, a walk in the woods or a meeting with friends. Usually these conversations are in turn associated with stress, because everyone knows the phenomenon that seems to run away one time.

Exercise for mental relaxation

Endurance is unnatural and harmful to the body and mind, more and more to fit in ever-shorter periods of time, this pressure increases the internal stress, the body loses energy and the stages of sleep suffer from this condition. Lost energy must be recharged and will succeed only if you have the idea on how to relax actively.

To enjoy a healthy lifestyle and complete relaxation, you are recommended to exercise the following three levels relaxation procedures.

  • physical relaxation
  • mental relaxation
  • the spiritual relaxation

But even in his sleep, the body should be completely relaxed. Purely herbal products can support the body perfectly and the energy can be recharged.

Exercise for physical relaxation

For physical relaxation you get when you drop a conscious everything cramped the bloodstream (clock, bracelets, etc.) and flat, preferably on the floor, on a soft gymnastics mat, lay. Now try to control the breath and to let the thoughts. The concentration in breathing. Breathe deeply and rhythmically in the stomach. Then relax, using the concentration of thought in turn the feet, legs, pelvis, buttocks, back, hands and arms, and then all the internal organs, until the whole body is in full relaxation.

Try to keep this deep relaxation for a few minutes. The more you relax, the more energy your body can produce. This exercise relieves stress and regenerate lost energy. The tissue is increasingly supplied with fresh, oxygenated blood.

Exercise for mental relaxation

The mental relaxation you achieve when you disconnect the mind from the external organs. For this it is important to find a quiet place. Lie flat, preferably on the floor on a gym mat. Close your eyes and calm constantly emerging thoughts by imagining yourself to be completely detached from one’s body.

Spiritual relaxation through yoga

Succumbed to a spiritual relaxation, you must try the immense force that connects everything to feel. Best achieved with the exercises of meditation and yoga. Imagine, your consciousness would be full of love, which is ever increasing.

To achieve a complete relaxation while awake, you must be passed through these three levels mentioned above. In case of relaxation during sleep, i.e. for the relaxation in the bedroom, you can actively promote, if you support your body with an herbal medicine.


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