We had to come to this: the hands-free umbrella

Both hands-free phones to go down the street gesticulating and talking about how confused us with some balance, or to drive with both hands on the wheel and attention elsewhere while we are angry with our party … and had not yet nobody noticed those other moments in life that you would need a third hand.

We had to come to this the hands-free umbrella

Those rainy days when you carry the shopping bags, briefcase or work while you take the key to open the door, you must hold to pass the neighbor, how many additional arms could be implemented? It’s here hands-free umbrella. And there’s more.

A backpack umbrella could also be the name of this product.

At the end of a bag-shaped holder that you wear to the back of leaving the umbrella that protects you from rain not stop you from using both hands because now you can forget about holding the umbrella.

The assembly is held firmly together with your body thanks to a waist belt. The umbrella is removed from its case a little style Blade, which is not without its that, it opens, is placed in its cradle and one less worry in the days of rain.


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