6 Reasons Why the Haters are good for Web Marketing

Many times it happens that a customer hesitate to start with a Web Marketing campaign on social networks to a very specific reason: the negative comments. Apart from the usual speeches that the web is open, two-way, which is not a press release, I happen to meet that have a little hater is good.

Although after this response, escapes always have to laugh at all, I really believe in this theory, and I think there are at least 6 very simple reasons for this:

1) Have some hater, is a good sign for the brand

No, I’m not talking about “many enemies, much honor” (cited in Julius Caesar, and Benito Mussolini). I mean, if the brand has enemies definitely taken some kind of position, by better defining its own identity and probably an editorial for the contents of the web. This is a normal and good practice to generate engagement and of course find someone who disagrees.

Dan Kennedy (guru in marketing) argues: “If you have not pissed someone off by noon, then you probably are not making any money” or, if you make someone angry, you are moving well.

2) They combine true fans

A little bunch of hater, will increase the presence and interaction of your true supporters, who will defend you against charges less well founded. It strengthens the bond between you and the audience loves you. The historically most striking example is surely to Apple.

3) They bring attention and conversation around the brand

Again, I am not a supporter of “enough to talk about it, no matter how”. That I do not think it’s a good idea to take a negative action if a lot about (apart from rare exceptions, mostly in political communication).

hater bring attention and conversation around the brand

But I think that those who (naturally) speaks ill of your brand will take an indirect benefit. There are lots of examples of Viral Marketing that owed much of its dissemination, who shared with negative sentiment.

Just think of how you happened to listen to a song by Justin Bibier.

4) Increase all rankings

EdgeRank, Klout and all the other acronyms you are coming to my mind, increase in relation to the comments and share generated. Google, Youtube, Facebook and the Apple store measure the interactions to determine placement and visibility.

And they are not looking at whether it is positive or negative citations.

5) They sport the pain points of your business

Among those who criticizes you, you will always find someone who makes dispassionately, without malice or ulterior motives. And it is well known that the negative comments on social networks, are an excellent source of improvement for the company. Therefore, it is important to collect the negative aspects raised more frequently, and try to remedy, at least from the point of view of communication.

6) They can become the best customers

The Haters can be converted. You can have many types of enemies, and the most frequent is not the one who hates you for passion and stance, it is rather someone who has had a negative experience of some kind with your brand.

If you can a way to solve his problem, the same person will become your biggest supporter. Then again, it becomes important to listen to criticism, always paying attention to ignore the trolls and who in general has no other interest but perhaps the visibility fool you.

Keep in mind then, from the first day of each social media campaign: Not everyone will be all your fans.

The good news is that it’s okay.


Professional writer with more than 7 years of experience. Joseph has worked as a content creator and editor on different web pages. He has been coordinator and content manager in various editorial teams. He also has extensive experience in SEO and digital marketing.