WeightControl: Phone application for weight control

It is a common phrase among doctors and nutritionists that it is hard not to lose weight, but maintained. And nothing more true since sustaining a healthy weight and optimal over time actually required a great effort. Fortunately, new technologies give us a hand, for example, we will review the application for iPhone and iPad WeightControl. It is a platform that allows you to keep a precise control of your body weight.

WeightControl phone application for weight control

What makes this application is to take a detailed statistical weight, so you can see its evolution over weeks, months or years. In this way, it allows you to turn the rudder on time and correct bad habits that do not benefit at all, seeing that your weight gets out.

It is also a great incentive to diet and physical activity, allowing you to see if your weight loss plan or exercise program, is giving the expected results and if we keep over time.

The first thing to do is configure the application with your starting point, and whether you win or lose weight and if you choose to follow in the various units of weight such as pounds or kilograms.

So, you begin to enter data for each weighing to form the statistics, which even offers a line of trend to know where you can get.

In this sense, it is clear that experts recommend weighing yourself no more than once a week, and that body weight may vary for various reasons, so it further indicates that the ideal time is in the morning, after making the first urine, and underwear. As to the application, then it is appropriate to track monthly results to be accurate.


Another function is to see the weight measurements WeightControl in a list, where you can observe the change in weight over time. You can also set goals of weight loss or gain – if you attend the gym to gain muscle mass – this way you will be viewing the ultimate goal of your ideal weight.

These objectives, as well as the units of measurement can be easily changed in the application preferences.

Among the current features of the revamped version of the application, simply highlight the entry and modification of data, weighing lists statistical information, establishment and modification of goals, these goals listings with information on achievements, improved graphics system and the possibility of multiple users to manage the application.

This tool is simple to use and simple features, which helps support however will have a better life, a healthy weight and feeding your self-esteem with an optimized image of yourselves.


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