What Anxiety causes in men, women and their child?

The anxiety about having a child is usually an effect of infertility and not so much a cause as the couples that have more than a year trying to conceive and did not make it feasibly have a problem with fertility. It is also true that this stressful condition can cause infertility between 1 and 2% of cases, while worsening the ability to conceive that it has deteriorated in the remaining pairs.
What Anxiety causes in men, women and their child
Currently one of the factors that increasingly influence the time to have trouble conceiving is stress caused by the pace of life. If this is added which generates not to get pregnant at the expected time, things get worse.

This will enter a vicious circle because stress affects fertility and infertility most stressful. If you put a stop to it to conceive a child it becomes nearly impossible and extremely frustrating.

Stressed women have irregular menstrual cycles while stressed men have a decrease in the level and mobility of their sperm and affects the entire body directly and indirectly causing a great imbalance. People with high levels of stress do not sleep long enough, eat poorly, do not perform physical activity.

A clear example of the effects of anxiety and stress in those who want a child you can find in couples after many years trying to get pregnant by any means end up adopting, and soon find it unexpectedly or get the much longed biological child.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: a mental illness

This happens because when people take away the frustration caused by not having a child because they will be parents, the couple relax, improve sex and in turn there is no pressure to get pregnant, the stress levels down leaving affect fertility and results in conception.


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