What are the eating disorders?

The bulimia is a disease that occurs more common in women, especially during adolescence and youth but is also known cases in men and women of diverse ages. Some people do not take seriously at all this disease but bulimia is an eating disorder begins as a psychological problem and ends up affecting the overall health.

what are the eating disorders

If you have a bulimic friend, your place is very important in his recovery. It all depends on you as a friend but you can do much accompanying and giving your advice. Know that what you say comes from a person who truly loves her and with whom you share things in common, the help on the way out of bulimia. If you have a friend who has bulimia, do not miss these tips.


Bulimia is an eating disorder that stems from a psychological disorder. People suffering from bulimia eat large amounts of food in a short time. The intake of these foods gives them a temporary feeling of well being. Then, to eliminate the effects of the large amount of food consumed, are purged through vomiting, laxatives or fasting.

How to detect

If you think your friend is bulimic, you should pay attention to certain signs. People with bulimia often change their weight in very short periods. They often hide food to eat and then in the bathroom to purge. The disease causes them much fatigue, irritability more than normal, depression, aggression and sleep. Usually occurs in people more insecure and pay close attention to physical appearance but not so in all cases.

What to do

To help your bulimic friend, you should let him know that you are finding that is different and you think you need help. You go with him and if possible encourage the family to do the same.

People with bulimia also needed the help of a professional mental health and nutritionist; the affection of his loved ones and know they are not alone on the road to recovery. The words of those closest should serve to build confidence and strengthen self-esteem that has been degraded.


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