What do you love? The new experience of Google

Does Google embarks on a new search experience on the web that has been called What Do You Love? (What you like?). So, the user who has an interest in looking for specific information on a topic and use this new service of Goole, What Do You Love?, you will see as the expected results vary in the traditional way that until now Google gave us his response, now the content has been segmented, with a visual improvement and to some extent, more emotional.

What do you love? The new experience of Google

To enjoy this service of What Do You Love?, first user must have to go to their website: wdyl and once in the same you will see that it has changed the visual interface that Google presents its new offer of online search. Instead of giving us their traditional magnifying glass that identifies the content in Google searches, now we have a more human, emotionally speaking, blue heart, and a text in which you can read What Do You Love? from Google.

When writing a word in the box of this What Do You Love? will appreciate that the way in which appear the results will be different to as traditionally does the search engine. When Google replies appear in What Do You Love? what you get is a graphical interface divided by a set of boxes that sum up several results of searches to the written word, each of these tables have a relationship with any particular service of the same Google: Google Videos (YouTube), Google Calendar, Blogger, Google maps, etc.

As well we can see, Google has begun a process of renewal of your service, the delivery of its social network, Google +, now joins this new search experience on the Internet, far more emotional appearance, as well as future changes that are discussed appear in Gmail and Blogger services among others. A revolution which seems to be in tune with the new changes that lie ahead in the web.


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