What is a hydrocele and how to treat it?

The hydrocele is an alteration of the baby that produces an accumulation of fluid within the scrotum. The parents of the infant with hydrocele only have to take you to the routine screening. Generally tends to have an operation at some point in the child’s life. It is a disorder that usually presents no complications.

The hidrocele is the accumulation of fluid within the scrotum. May be present at birth or appear later. The hydrocele occurs because the liquid may have been trapped there by the time it closed the inguinal canal (see inguinal hernia). In this case, it will tend to disappear gradually over a few weeks. Or you can go sliding from the abdomen, because the tube is not completely closed. In this case, the size of the hydrocele changes throughout the day. Hydrocele was then called communicating.

How does it manifest?

The baby will have the scrotum with hydrocele bulky. Either one or both sides.

Sometimes the liquid is in tension and can not be felt well the testicles.

If you put a flashlight in the bottom of the scrotum, the content will be liquid, pink, and will differ from the testis which is something darker.

The resize communicating hydrocele along the day. This is most evident when the child begins to spend more time walking and standing.

A hydrocele is painless.

What do we do?

Nothing. Observe the baby and go to regular checkups.

Can complicate?

No. Only the testicle should check that can develop and not compressed.

The communicating hydrocele usually requires surgery sooner or later.


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