What is a memoir and How to write the memoir?

It is not as tough as how to write books. Despite the many reasons for excessive the story of your life would make a good memory, you are not always the right place in life to portray the correct image. Writing a dissertation can be very painful, but also an enjoyable and healthy.

Almost everyone said at one point or another they want to write the story of their lives.

There is no need to have a horrible childhood, parents crazy and embarrassing or checkered past to write your memoirs. And more important, because you write your memoirs, does not mean that you will publish it.

No matter how boring and mundane, terrible and debilitating your life has been (or is), each of us tries to make sense out of it and most of us feel that we are alone.

The main purpose of a memory to share with someone else, so they can understand what you went through and what made you the person you are today in the hope that they can learn from it.

There are many types of memoir:

  • You can write about your childhood.
  • You can write about a certain person and how they have personally affected your life and helped shape the person you become.
  • You can write on your travels.
  • You can write something tragic that you have experienced as a crime, or a loss.
  • Like other forms of writing the hardest part is just beginning.


A good way to get the juices flowing begins with the chronicle of your life. Once you get a “Page content” started, you can begin to focus on the retrospective aspect is based solely on your memory.

You will probably find very useful to dig through your boxes of old photos, letters, family memorabilia and other souvenirs. If not already done so, organize them into sections. Start with broader categories such as childhood, high school, college, marriage, children, grandchildren, etc. Then you can divide these into smaller categories such as specific years, vacation, holidays, birthdays, etc.

Once you start digging all these memories, you’re sure to find that there are many of your past thoughts that come to your memories you thought had long since disappeared.

Once you have these items sorted and dig into each one and start writing memories. If you start by writing simple memories, I’m sure you will find specific details just starting to get back to you.

Depending on the type of memory you write you should probably do some research regarding your ancestors (people older than your grandparents, assuming you do not already have this information), it can help you to add character and richness to your memories.

It is not likely that someone else will do that for you it’s time to get up, start digging and start writing!


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