What is an ip phone internet based telephone system?

The IP telephony is a technology that allows integration into a single network based on IP protocol the voice and data communications. Often the term is used or converged network IP convergence, referring to a somewhat broader concept of phone system integration on the same network for all communications (voice, data, video, etc.).

What is an ip phone internet based telephone system

This phone service technology appeared many years ago on the market but it was not until recently that is widespread thanks to the improvement and standardization of control systems of voice quality (QoS) and Internet service universalization.

When we speak of an IP telephony system we are talking about a set of elements that allow properly integrated supply a phone service (based on VoIP) to the company. The basic elements that make up this system are: IP PBX, IP Gateway and different IP phones.

The main advantages of IP telephony are simplifying communications infrastructure in the company, the integration of the different sites and mobile workers in the organization into a unified system for telephony with centralized management, free internal calls, integrated numbering plan and optimization of the lines of communication mobility and access to advanced functionality.


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