What is and serving the micellar water facial care

Micellar water used to clean the skin and removes impurities from oily and watery, but it also is a real beauty treatment for sensitive skin. They are cleansing and purifying water without water, only go with cotton after cleansing or facial skin and not be removed with water, nor need to use cleansing milk.

Micellar micelles contain water, they are molecules that act as emulsifiers that allow the compounds to dissolve and are removed, so they are excellent at removing grease and dirt endogenous and exogenous skin.

What is and serving the micellar water facial care

These products do not dry the skin, clean thoroughly and do not alter the pH of the dermis allowing therefore be used even in the most sensitive skin.

Another advantage is that the micellar water need not rinse they can be used as a tonic before makeup to prepare the skin and control excess sebum or dry depending on the case, your previous application makes the make up lasts much longer.

The leading brands that you can find micellar water in the market are:

Plante System Purete Micellar Water

This water cleanses and purifies the skin achieving a smooth, fresh and smooth. Is suitable for very sensitive skin, but also it is suitable for oily skin because it has an antiseptic action and regulates the sebum.

Avene Micellar Lotion

Like all Avene products has no perfumes and is hypoallergenic, is designed for sensitive skin with tendency to present redness. It is used after make-up removal.

Sensibio Bioderma H2O Micellar Solution: Sensitive Skin

Is a micellar water for dry and sensitive to changes in temperature, regenerative and curative properties.


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