What is donor egg or oocyte donation

The egg donation for fertility is a process by which a fertile and healthy women helps other women who can not conceive children for infertility, embody the dream of becoming mothers. It is a much more lengthy, complex and limited to the sperm donation, which is why the number of donors and also the material they bring donors, natural questions is much lower.
What is donor egg or oocyte donation
The woman who gives her eggs is fully examined to check for normal ovarian function whether she have hereditary diseases or sexually transmitted diseases, among other things or not. It is a process that has been developing since 1984 and focuses primarily on women who have problems with fertility by early menopause, removal of ovarian cysts or illnesses that prevent them to become pregnant.

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As it is necessary to remove more than one egg in each donor egg procedure women undergo a cycle of ovarian stimulation that allows the maturation of six to ten eggs per menstrual cycle. This technique is performed using a hormonal treatment that lasts 12 days and one month, the woman was delivered subcutaneous injections and then with ultrasound and hormone tests is determined when the time is ripe for egg retrieval.

The oocytes are obtained through the vagina using a needle guided by sonogram, is an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia and takes 20 minutes max. It can succeed side effects such as discomfort with menstruation or cytology, such as vomiting and dizziness from the anesthesia.
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In isolated cases, there have been injuries in the ovary during extraction, but these accidents are extremely rare. Prior to the donation, the woman must submit to a comprehensive medical check to detect any risk after the egg retrieval, so the problems after the process are almost nil.


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