What is health safety and Causes of work stress?

Not for nothing is known to stress as the disease of the century. Every time you are given more importance as disease and not just a state of mind, being stressed physically and mentally affects a person and all symptoms may increase over time if you can not control them or you don’t know what is health safety in job?

One of the main factors to generate stress is the imbalance of an individual with its environment, so it is not surprising that the work is a major source of the problem

One of the main factors to generate stress is the imbalance of an individual with its environment, so it is not surprising that the work is a major source of the problem. And in the work, there are many causes of stress.

Stress at work: Unbalanced load of work

Due to the structure of several companies this is usually a very consistent problem, since you can find overworked employees without being able to cope, while others find themselves with nothing to do which not only produces boredom in the worker, but also a loss for the company.

Inadequate working conditions

They can go from work to put life at risk to not having the necessary elements for a better use. This can result from the lack of stationery, telephone lines, computers, uncomfortable chairs, etc.

Constant interruptions

Never missing the post of a person in charge of various functions or nonspecific, where in addition to being a graphic designer is for you to answer the phone, file and keep payroll records, for example. This type of posts generate a lot of stress, because you can not concentrate on your work for other business and still end with pressure and delivery dates.

Bad coexistence

The fact is that at work you spend much of your life you live sometimes more with your colleagues than with their own family, so when there is a heavy atmosphere or even violence, is a determining factor to stress anyone.


And yes, even in this century, and although there is discrimination in various types, much is given to women and mothers.


Spend a lot in jobs where heads, administrators, or they spend threatening employees with wage cuts or decreased without an apparent cause.

Lack of recognition

One of the most common problems that not only leads to stress but to frustration and even depression, you do work on all those that require a lot of time and effort beyond our position, so that in the end there is no recognition.

Without resource requirements

Most companies fall into this bad habit of working at a pace and exaggerated demands that are inconsistent with the terms of the employee, for example, the typical phrase “I want it yesterday” when you just ask just what, or who the absence of other employees ask you to perform tasks for which they are not trained.

Bad leaders

No matter how recognized the company, its structure, employees or resources, if they have a bad leader is sufficient for everything to fall apart. An employee with a bad boss can experience feelings of helplessness, stress and pressure.

If you identify with any of these items be careful, as it can be the cause of your problem of stress at work. The important thing is to recognize the root and work on it so that you achieve the least impact you.

But if you feel that the situation really affects you, it may be time to think about changing jobs.


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