What is infant colic: infants heavy crying?

Infant colic are repeated episodes of intense and inconsolable crying. It usually last between 2-3 hours a day, more than 3 days a week, usually at the end of the evening. For them, the baby made flexion movements of the limbs on the abdomen, sometimes breaks wind and has the abdomen distended and tense.

It usually start on the second or third week of life baby and usually disappear over the 3 months of age. The rest of the day, the baby is calm and sleeps more or less regular intervals.

Infant colic have been a concern for parents and pediatricians for decades, especially in countries with western culture, although they are relatively common among newborns.

It is estimated that about 30% of babies have infant colic.

In countries or cultures less “advanced” in the usual practice is to bring the babies subject to the body continuously, babies cry very little and surprisingly does not have colic. For this reason, it has associated the onset of infantile colic to a need for physical contact with the mother.

Other theories attribute the occurrence of colic in the nursing infant to stress-related situations, such as adaptation of the baby’s life outside the womb, or the type of food . For example, the protein in cow’s milk allergy can produce babies, favoring the onset of cramps.

If your baby has gas, they can cause pain and thereby lead to cramping.

Many normal children need to whine for a while before falling asleep and nearly all babies tend to mourn a bit at the end of the afternoon. This crying baby does not respond necessarily to an episode of colic.

There is no definitive solution for colic (no drug has proven effective), but some recommendations regarding posture, body temperature and in the final analysis, the physical contact.


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