What make you lose weight: depression and obesity

The depression and obesity are linked, to such an extent that improve the mood of a woman, can help her to lose a lot of extra kilos, a recent investigation confirmed it.

Most weight loss programs do not provide enough attention to monitoring and treatment of depression. This study highlights the importance of controlling the symptoms of depression to improve physical health and psychological wellbeing.

Depression help with weight loss


Depression and obesity:

Depression as well as obesity is very common diseases, there are approximately 300 million obese adults and 121 million with depression.

Obesity has been increasing to such an extent that affects a large proportion of children and adolescents and depression is one of the most important and disabling diseases worldwide.

Previous studies find that these diseases are linked as an obese person faces a risk of 50% to 150% more likely to develop depression.

The study work with 203 women from 40 to 65 years suffering from obesity. Each volunteer underwent a health examination that included an analysis of the possible presence of depression, physical activity level and eating habits.

The women were grouped into two groups so that half followed a program aimed at losing weight and the other half to treat obesity and depression.

The program lasted one year and the researchers looked at health background of the volunteers at 6, 12 and 24 months after starting.

Women who successfully overcame her depression got at the same time, greater weight loss.

Physical activity in the fight against obesity is important but is also great for depression. The relationship between depression and physical activity goes both ways. A greater increase in exercise leads to improvements in depression, and relief depression leads to increased physical activity.

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