What You must know if you have a Website or you want to do online business

If you have an Internet business, your websites are the foundation of your business. The look, feel, and the perception of your site can make or break your success. Therefore, you want to maximize the effectiveness of your site to bring customers and boost sales. Here are some common questions regarding the Internet websites of businesses that any entrepreneur should know about them.

Question # 1 Site: How did you set up a squeeze page?

The basic steps for setting up a squeeze page include:

1. Make sure you have a domain and hosting account.

2. Make sure your domain is on your hosting account.

3. Go to Microsoft FrontPage and build a website. Microsoft FrontPage is easy to use and will guide you through the steps to build a website.

4. Make sure your form Autoresponder is the shape of your squeeze page so that your Autoresponder will capture personal information although the squeeze page.

Other tips include writing a catchy title that will attract the attention of visitors. Encourage people to subscribe to your list by giving them free items, such as a free newsletter, the ratio of premium, or eBook.

Question # 2 Website:
If you have a picture of you on your squeeze page?

Be careful to have photos on your squeeze page because the pictures have large file sizes. If you use a photo, you must make sure that you reduce the size of the photo file otherwise it will be too long to start your squeeze page. This will frustrate the visitors and they can avoid passing through your page because they have to wait too long.

Also, when visitors see your squeeze page their eyes are first attracted by a picture before reading anything else. Sometimes they may miss important information on your website if they are distracted by a photo. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid using photos on your squeeze page and paste the text. The text is easier and your squeeze page loads much faster.

Follow these tips and site visitors will be subscribing at a rapid pace!


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