What you should know about home insurance?

When you decided to buy a home and do not have sufficient liquidity to meet the payment, you are required to apply for a loan to any financial institutions.

What you should know about home insurance

They take advantage of the situation of customers and after performing several studies about the feasibility of granting the requested amount or not, most of the time, it is advised to get certain type of loan, in this way, concession becomes effective, and among them is the home insurance.

But not only is required when applying for a loan, it is often advisable in any case, even as tenants, since the home is threatened by many risks that can damage to varying degrees, even, in some cases, their physical disappearance or destruction with consequent financial loss that entails.

There are many times when you wonder what those amounts paid annually for insurance money from home, if then really, most of the time there occurs any incident and therefore, the insurer is not obligated to satisfy all, and therefore we believe it is money lost.

But that’s because you do not normally use this insurance by not knowing exactly what is covered by your home insurance. Today, most insurance plus the possible losses that may arise within your own homes or even neighbors and adjacent, offering a range of services, sometimes within blocks called basic guarantees and other times, including in the optional guarantees and most customers unaware of its existence.

What are the basic guarantees that all home insurance should cover? Always be very attentive to the exclusions, exemptions and limitations that each insurer offers but overall you could say that the minimum guarantees are usually the following:

  • Damage occurred as a consequence of fire, lightning and explosions.
  • The catastrophic and often extraordinary as floods, earthquakes or hurricanes.
  • Acts of vandalism or malicious.
  • Damage caused by water leaks.
  • Breakage of marble, glass ceramics, crystals, health…
  • Expenses if such derivatives has been unlucky enough to catch fire in an apartment and that family and neighbors, if they exist) have to be out of their homes (e.g. vacation) until it returns to normal (each insurer usually set ceilings).
  • Liability, if by your acts or omissions or your offspring, you cause harm by your negligence and guilt
  • Just as money or securities that are in the time of the incident and because of it being lost, that if, again ceilings

Other guarantees depending on the insurance you hire can be basic or can be optional:

  • Thefts and robberies, in and outside the home, storage rooms or garages
  • Thefts
  • Use credit card fraud, with maximum
  • Breakage of glass, lamps…
  • Deterioration of food in refrigerators
  • Aesthetic restoration
  • Legal advice and legal as well as legal defense
  • O Individual accidents etc.


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